About XDCC Catcher

XDCC Catcher is the most advanced download manager for XDCC bots. Its been under development since 2009, has more than 32000 lines of pure code and is available in a free Basic version and a paid (15 euro) Pro version.

Some of the features are :

  • Connect to 100s of networks and join 1000s of channels
  • Get 1000s of packets in your list
  • Local queue: Automatic re-request after errors
  • Local queue: Queue manager (Pause, Cancel, etc)
  • Advanced search function (including regular expressions)
  • Autoconnects and autojoins
  • Extensive list of settings: from General to DNS servers
  • Socks/Proxy support
  • Private messages (send and receive)
  • Modern, optimised windows interface
  • Automatically check for updates
  • Support for uPnP
  • Join channel and chat
  • XDCC list request interface (request XDCC list of bots)
  • Bot score (number to compare bots)
  • Rollback check (prevent corrupted downloads)
  • Multiple network lists
  • Restore (backup) queues
  • Buildin HTTP server
  • Advanced NickServ/identities support
  • Auto-clear requests
  • Internal web browser
  • Recent finished files list
  • Reconnect on (not forced) disconnect
  • Report/block trap- and closed channels

If you're unfamiliar with IRC and/or XDCC, please read the chapter "Brief introduction to IRC and XDCC" in the XDCC Catcher Basic quick start.