Troubleshooting / FAQ

Answers to common questions

How can i buy the PRO version?

First create an account in the Client Area or login if you already have one. There you will see a Paypal button.

How can i download the PRO version after buying?

Please login to the Client Area and you will find all of your downloads and orders there.

How do i contact you?

If you're a Pro user, contact Technical support to get a personal answer (of one of the developers) to your question.

I paid for XDCC Catcher PRO but i do not see any PRO download.

Please contact at payments {at} and make sure to include the paypal email addres you used to make the payment.

I found a bug in XDCC Catcher. What do i do?

Please use the forum and create a topic there and/or contact us by email if you're a PRO user.