XDCC Catcher

Differences between editions


BASIC starter


Connect to 100s of networks and join 1000s of channels : XDCC Catcher supports an unlimited amount of networks and channels. But be careful, because your network connection may not be able to handle so many connections.
Get 1000s of packets (files) in your list : Because you're able to connect to 100s of networks and join 1000s of channels, you can get 1000s of packets (files) in your Packet list. Add packets from your Packet list to your local queue with just one click. Or search through your Packet list to find the pack you would like to download.
Local queue : XDCC Catcher has an advanced local queue function. It automatically requests packs in your queue. If something goes wrong, XDCC Catcher continues requesting the pack till the pack has been downloaded. You've full control of your local queue: pause, remove and reset requests. You can add packs to your local queue from the Packet list or from XDCC search engines.
Autoconnect and Autojoins : With Autoconnects on, you don't have to manually connect the networks anymore, XDCC Catcher does. Every 10 seconds, XDCC Catcher tries to connect to 10 networks. XDCC Catcher continues trying to connect till all networks are connected. With Autojoins on, XDCC Catcher automatically joins all channels of connected networks.
Advanced search functions : Search on bot, description, network or channel of packs in your Packet list. You can use both the normal search method and powerful regular expressions. If you select the filter option, the Search results are automatically refreshed every 10 seconds.
Socks/Proxy support : XDCC Catcher supports Socks4, Socks5 and HTTP proxies to connect to servers or to make a DCC transfer. (Useful if you're behind a proxy)
Automatically check for updates : On default, XDCC Catcher checks for updates of XDCC Catcher Basic on startup. If any updates are available, a notification appears. You can always find the last version on the XDCC Catcher Basic download page.
uPnP support : Catcher supports uPnP in DCC, ident and HTTP remote control functions.

PRO advanced


All BASIC features +

XDCC List interface : You can easily add XDCC List requests with XDCC Catcher.
Restore queues : Usually, XDCC Catcher makes a backup queue file everytime you modify your local queue. With the Restore Queue dialog, it's very easy to restore (backup) queues.
Botscore : Each bot has an individual bot score: a number which indicates how fast and reliable the bot is. Bot scores are listed in both the Packet list and the Search results (last column). Higher is better.
Recent finished files list : The Recent finished files list contains the last ten files you downloaded.
Rollback check : When you resume a file from another bot than the initial bot, you'll never be sure if the file of the last bot isn't slightly different from the initial one. With rollback check you can be 99,9% sure.
Multiple network lists : Network lists contain networks, servers and channels. With XDCC Catcher PRO you can create several network lists, for example one for MP3, one for free games, one for ISO software, etc.
Advanced NickServ support : With XDCC Catcher PRO you can create multiple identities which will be used to register and identify your nick on the network (NickServ).
Attention needed channels : For example when the channel is closed or you need to use a registered nick to join the channel. All these channels are listed on the Attention needed channels tab.
Queue preferences : Three advanced queue preferences are available in XDCC Catcher PRO: Exit when finished, Shutdown when finished and Auto-clear requests.
Reconnect on disconnect : XDCC Catcher PRO reconnects the network on a (not forced) disconnect.
Buildin HTTP server : Control XDCC Catcher PRO using a buildin HTTP webserver.