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[] XDCC Catcher (PRO and BASIC)

Posted: Thu May 20, 2021 4:24 am
by balduz
Today we release v3.0.0.7 of XDCC Catcher PRO and BETA. This is a major rewrite of the v2 iteration and has the following changes :
  • Changed: Major rewrite.
  • Fixed: Exception when removing multiple packs.
  • Changed: Redesigned the check for updates proces.
  • Added: Option to check for betaversions.
  • Added: Support for 'you must idle in..'
  • Fixed: Exception when removing networks and channels.
  • Added: uPnP support for HTTP server (Remote Control).[PRO ONLY]
  • Changed: Increased bandwidth size from 300KB/s to 3000KB/s.
  • Added: Identities for each network.[PRO ONLY]
  • Changed: Major rewrite on the NickServ code.[PRO ONLY]
  • Changed: Identities and NickServ info will not be exported (export network list, autosaved queue and export packs). [PRO ONLY]
  • Changed: Logic behind collecting channel users.
  • Fixed: Search on bot, channel or network from the bot list wasn't set to autorefresh.
  • Fixed: SSL connections didn't work properly.
  • Fixed: Exceptions closing Catcher when channel chat was open
The usermanual for PRO and BASIC will be updated later on