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Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 11 August 2009 12:38

The XDCC Catcher Basic product page is divided into three parts.

Features overview


Download Basic

It's impossible to list all features of XDCC Catcher Basic. So, only the most exciting features of XDCC Catcher Basic are listed below. (Of course, XDCC Catcher Pro has these features as well.)

Please note that with XDCC Catcher Basic you can only connect to networks and join channels that allow XDCC Catcher. Please buy XDCC Catcher Pro to connect to every network and to join every channel.

Connect to 100s of networks and join 1000s of channels

XDCC Catcher supports an unlimited amount of networks and channels. But be careful, because your network connection may not be able to handle so many connections.

Get 1000s of packets (files) in your list

Because you're able to connect to 100s of networks and join 1000s of channels, you can get 1000s of packets (files) in your Packet list. Add packets from your Packet list to your local queue with just one click. Or search through your Packet list to find the pack you would like to download.

Local queue

XDCC Catcher has an advanced local queue function. It automatically requests packs in your queue. If something goes wrong, XDCC Catcher continues requesting the pack till the pack has been downloaded. You've full control of your local queue: pause, remove and reset requests. You can add packs to your local queue from the Packet list or from XDCC search engines.

Autoconnect and Autojoins

With Autoconnects on, you don't have to manually connect the networks anymore, XDCC Catcher does. Every 10 seconds, XDCC Catcher tries to connect to 10 networks. XDCC Catcher continues trying to connect till all networks are connected. With Autojoins on, XDCC Catcher automatically joins all channels of connected networks.

Advanced search functions

Search on bot, description, network or channel of packs in your Packet list. You can use both the normal search method and powerful regular expressions. If you select the filter option, the Search results are automatically refreshed every 10 seconds.

Add packs from XDCC search engines to your local queue

The image above is a screenshot of the search results of the popular XDCC search engine Packetnews. If you click on '#1', pack #1 of bot ct-s200 on channel #ct-xdcc on network after-all is automatically added to your local queue. When the network after-all is connected and channel #ct-xdcc is joined, the pack is automatically requested. Of course, you can add packs from other XDCC search engines (IRCSpy/XDCCZ) to your local queue in the same way.

Socks/Proxy support

XDCC Catcher supports Socks4, Socks5 and HTTP proxies to connect to servers or to make a DCC transfer. (Useful if you're behind a proxy)

Automatically check for updates

On default, XDCC Catcher checks for updates of XDCC Catcher Basic on startup. If any updates are available, a notification appears. You can always find the last version on the XDCC Catcher Basic download page.

Free quick start

XDCC Catcher is very easy to learn, but you should know some "tricks" to understand XDCC Catcher fully. The free quick start (included in the Basic setup package) guides you through the most important windows and aspects of XDCC Catcher Basic. After you've read this quick start, you know how to use all basic features of XDCC Catcher Basic and you're ready to use XDCC Catcher in a daily way.

The quick start is available in English and Dutch, and contains a brief introduction to IRC and XDCC as well. If you would like to download the quick start separately from the Basic setup package, please click here to download the English version or here to download the Dutch version (in PDF).

For optimal performance, disable Automatic Image Resizing in Internet Explorer 6 (please click here to get more information about disabling this option).

Screenshots will follow soon

To download XDCC Catcher Basic, please click here.

Click here if you still have questions.

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