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How to detect XDCC Catcher Basic PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Friday, 04 September 2009 11:06

We're developing XDCC Catcher for a couple of years already and we never expected that XDCC Catcher Basic would become so popular. The number increased rapidly: thousands of downloads of XDCC Catcher Basic every day. We didn't expect that at all we understand IRC networks can't handle so great amount of users.

Therefore, we'll provide you with all necessary information to ban all XDCC Catcher Basic clients from your networks and channels.

But before you'll ban all Basic clients, you may consider to allow XDCC Catcher Basic 2.2 clients to connect to your network. XDCC Catcher Basic 2.2 (the only available version to download on the XDCC Catcher website) contains a lot of network friendly features:

  • Chat interface: You're now able to chat in every channel you want using the powerful chat interface. Besides, you're able to send PMs to everyone. XDCC Catcher Basic is now a fully functional IRC client.
  • No quit message anymore (was: 'Make XDCC easier with (...)').
  • Channels and networks with 0 bots are automatically removed from user's network list every hour (automatic clean up).
  • Retry delays increased from 30 to 150 seconds to avoid hammering of bots.
  • Less lag due to improved network processing.

Removal instructions

  • To ban all XDCC Catcher Basic (2.0 Final) and clients (network/channel owners):

    Send a CTCP LAG request to every client on your network. Only XDCC Catcher and clients will send a reply.
  • To ban all XDCC Catcher Basic, 2.2 and later clients:

    Network owners: Send a CTCP VERSION reply to every client on your network. Only XDCC Catcher Basic clients will reply 'XDCC Catcher Basic' (without apostrophes). If you include 'xdcc catcher not allowed' (without apostrophes) in your "ban message", XDCC Catcher Basic will automatically remove the network from user's network list.

    Channel owners: Add '-catcher' (without apostrophes) to channel's topic. XDCC Catcher Basic will automatically part the channel and remove the channel from user's network list.